MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS, INC. has been established to market and promote the sale of new and used medical equipment. We believe in the clinically proven therapeutic value of ECP/EECP Therapy and have established www.EECPSYSTEMS.COM, our specialty Sales Division marketing EECP/ECP Systems. Since 2007, we have been committed to the support and promotion of ECP/EECP Therapy, providing low cost and reliable equipment to ECP/EECP care providers.

We are dedicated to the rebirth of ECP/EECP Therapy in the US, restoring its rightful place as a FUNDAMENTAL tool for Cardiac Ischemia revascularization offered by Cardiac Rehabilitation Professionals. ECP/EECP therapy is an effective, non-invasive therapy for patients diagnosed with ANGINA, CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION and  renewal of CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft). Clinical studies have shown that over 80% of post ECP/EECP Therapy Angina patients report increased exercise tolerance, improved collateral circulation, higher energy levels and the ability to discontinue the clinical consumption of NITROGLYCERIN, commonly used drug taken to expand and dilate coronary arteries. Congestive Heart Failure, CAD and Myocardial Infarction conditions respond well to ECP/EECP Therapy.

ED, one of the most commonly known vascular related conditions affecting men of all all ages. ECP Therapy treatments have improved ED in many patients with this condition. Patients diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy lower (leg numbness), Type II Diabetes and diminished Renal Function have found improvement upon using ECP Therapy. ECP Therapy also provides improved cerebrovascular blood flow for Cerebral Vascular Stroke and Micro-Vascular Dementia, diseases that respond to increased blood flow provided through the ECP/EECP Therapy Regimen. Continuing global EECP research is ongoing into the science and treatment of these diseases.

Our goal here is to promote non-invasive ECP Therapy by increasing market knowledge of this restorative, non-invasive, overall body therapy, clinically proven to improve coronary artery collateral circulation and overall systemic vascular circulation. If you would like more information on EECP Therapy, please contact us at 

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